ONE-SIDED: Joshua Watson runs the ball forward for Bingera.
ONE-SIDED: Joshua Watson runs the ball forward for Bingera. Brian Cassidy

Bingera cruise to 4-0 VICTORY

FOOTBALL: Bingera have secured the minor premierships once more, cruising to a 4-0 victory over Doon villa.

Bingera coach Andrew Donnison has been training the side to gain the upper hand in the first few minutes of the game, something Bingera did flawlessly once more last night.

"We dominated the game from the start pretty much,” Donnison said.

Bingera were up 4-0 by half time, before Donnison told them to take the foot off the gas a bit for the second half to ensure no players were injured.

With the minor premiership now in the bag, and the Triple M cup also being awarded to Bingera earlier in the year, Donnison said the main focus now was going for another win in the finals.

Bingera will contend against Across the Waves next week at Martens Oval.

"It's going to be a tough battle like it always is against Waves,” Donnison said.

"The boys are fired up.”

A few Bingera players have been out due to injury for the last couple of weeks, several returning to play half a game last night.

Donnison is expecting a full side for the finals rounds, saying the decision on who to pick for the finals side is going to be a tough one, but there wasn't going to be any major shake-ups during training.

"We'll just continue what we normally do at training,” Donnison said, adding that the boys were all keen to win the finals.

He said Bingera will focus on their usual strategy and attempt to dominate the start of the game and lock down ATW early, but never knew what could happen.

"It's whoever turns up, anything can happen then.”

That was an attitude mirrored by ATW coach John Brilliante coming off an easy 5-1 win against the Buccaneers.

"We had a chance to rest some players - which is what we did,” Brilliante said, the game giving him a chance to give some young guys a run.

Brilliante was looking forward to seeing how the game with Bingera would turn out, but knew it was going to be a tough battle.

He is confident ATW's defense can hold them off, but ultimately it's going to be about who turns up.