Independent MP Rob Oakeshott
Independent MP Rob Oakeshott Jeard Williams

Bill hopes to increase ACCC powers to take on supermarkets

INDEPENDENT MP Rob Oakeshott wants to increase the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's powers to take on the major supermarkets.

Mr Oakeshott this week wrote to MPs across parliament in a bid to gain support for a private members bill he hoped to introduce next week.

The bill would strengthen the powers of the ACCC to compel supermarkets to provide documentary evidence of what it pays primary producers and processors for goods.

In his letter, Mr Oakeshott wrote he hoped it would improve primary producers, including dairy farmers, in getting a realistic pay packet for their products.

The bill comes as a rising number of dairy farmers leave the industry due to the milk price war which saw the retail price of milk drop to $1 a litre.

Mr Oakeshott wrote that it would ensure anti-competitive test extended to broader market impacts and explain how such pricing decision affected the food supply chain.

It is expected the bill will be introduced when parliament sits for its final two weeks before the election, starting next week.