VISION: How we imagined our time would look like. Reality was a little different.
VISION: How we imagined our time would look like. Reality was a little different. Warren Lynam

BIG SWELL: Time for us kooks to stay on land


TROPICAL Cyclone Oma looks set to deliver some pretty spectacular surf over the next few days.

There's talk of 4m-6m waves pounding our shores by the end of the week and plenty of coastal erosion will follow, no doubt.

Lifesavers have warned of up to 10-foot waves breaking on Coast beaches and the point breaks are expected to deliver some beasts.

As expected, these conditions have prompted warnings to beachgoers.

Basically, the message is, if you're pretty inept in the surf or not overly experienced, stick to the swimming pool. Don't go near the beach.

It's pretty sage advice.

I remember years ago, as a teenager, when a mate and I had a bright idea to go bodyboarding at Mooloolaba during a cyclone swell.

My surfing abilities I would rank somewhere between non-existent and delusional. I have the balance of jelly.

I fancied myself a bodysurfer though and thought why not give the boogie boards and flippers a crack.

We'd seen the cracking photos of other guys getting some major air time during previous swell events and naturally thought it'd be a matter of seconds before we were emulating their feats. Incredibly, things didn't go to plan.

After being punished, driven headfirst into the sand by my first attempted wave, I began to think this wasn't such a great idea.

As another wave hammered my head down further and I began sucking up sand, I knew it was a terrible idea.

Dumb luck prevailed. I got out. Fast. Long story short - if you're a kook, stay dry.