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PARENTS, carers and teachers are incorporating a range of awareness messages into stories and art, as a vehicle to promote an understanding about the issues we face today and the issues they will face as they become adults.

Our kids need to understand how much we are personally connected to these issues, such as caring for the environment and how much impact we have on the health of the planet, particularly in our region, which is at the tail end of one of the most significant protected marine parks in the world.

There are many examples of activities and entertainment which demonstrate and explain social and environmental connections, and a large number of the productions from Pixar, Disney and DreamWorks take it even further, and have subliminal messages about caring for each other, discrimination, and even some promoting a strong, self-sufficient and intelligent female character.

Examples of animated movies with a strong eco message include WALL-E about recycling.

The old favourite Pokemon was full of serious messages to the extreme, including adults dying in war, and orphans being left alone when their parents die, and Mew, who was capable of asexual reproduction.

These cartoons were therefore gently exposing kids to the realities of life through their own favourite entertainment outlets, and possibly only a few parents were even aware of this.

Octonauts is a preschool series on ABC TV about an eclectic team of underwater adventurers who take it upon themselves to ensure the safety of their colourful neighbours.

Whether it's a giant squid with an empty stomach or a young lobster seeking shelter from a storm with his family, no creature or problem, is too big or too small for the Octonauts' help. The eight-member cast keep tabs on the underwater happenings from its headquarters, the Octopod.

When they're tackling a problem, the team members have designated roles and jobs to do, which sends positive messages about individuality and the power of cooperation.

There are children's books of the same name, so this could prompt some read-aloud sessions with your tots as well.

Parents need to know that this ocean-set preschool cartoon encourages kids' curiosity about the world by introducing them to some of the sea's diverse species.

The show incorporates fun facts about sea creatures in its stories and songs, and the characters' actions illustrate the show's themes of cooperation, friendship, and caring for others.

Captain Barnacles and his trusty crew are coming to Bundaberg in a live on stage show and they join forces with a host of colourful Australian reef dwellers on a mission to save the Great Barrier Reef.

When the Octonauts deploy a new undersea medical station designed to keep the reef clean and healthy, they discover a problem that threatens the reef dwellers and their home.

An outbreak of spiky and very hungry Crown of Thorns Starfish are on their way to eat the reef.

It will take all the Octonauts, their Gups, and a rag-tag crew of sea creatures to ward off the advancing starfish and save the Great Barrier Reef.

Octonauts Live! Operation Reef Shield is touring Australia and tickets are on sale now.

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