THE mystery of the Nimbin Big Cat has surfaced again, with another sighting.

Shaun Britz, of Nimbin, was driving along Shipwrecks Rd near Nimbin Rocks a few nights ago when something caught his eye - something unusual, surprising, and big.

"Out of my right eye on the side of the road, I saw this thing. I didn't know what it was at first," Mr Britz said.

"I thought it was just a big black shadow, and then I realised, that's no shadow - that's a cat! And just as I realised that it was definitely a cat, it ran across the road in front of me."

Mr Britz said the creature was huge - at least a foot and half to two feet tall and at least three foot long, with a tail that stood up just like a cat when it ran and had big gold eyes as well as pricked up cat ears. "It looked just like a cat, but it was definitely no domesticated cat," he said.

"I slammed on the brakes and pulled over. I saw it running for about 25 metres, easy. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. I really couldn't believe it, I thought, I better go home and gather my thoughts.

"So I went and did a bit of research and I found out there's been sightings for at least 30 years up here."

Mr Britz said he'd now met at least 10 people who had heard about, seen, or had an experience with this mysterious creature.

He said he could not believe how many people had spotted the creature, but he'd love to get another look at it - or at least a photo next time.

Big Cat sightings:

  • 2007: Yelgun Spotted at least three times in the Billinudgel nature reserve.
  • 2008: Byron Bay Spotted in a woman's backyard.
  • 2011: Byron Bay Spotted on Lighthouse Rd in November.
  • 2012: Nimbin Spotted running across the road in February.
    Big cat Byron:
    Big cat Byron: