Get to know the candidates a bit better. Photo: File
Get to know the candidates a bit better. Photo: File

BEHIND THE POLITICS: Surprising facts about our candidates

THE NewsMail asked all candidates running in the state election for Bundaberg and Burnett to share a little-known fact about themselves.

All candidates have been sent the questions. The candidates who feature below have responded.

BUNDABERG (candidates in ballot order)

Incumbent Member for Bundaberg David Batt.
Incumbent Member for Bundaberg David Batt.


David Batt (LNP incumbent)

I am a trained VIP Close Personal Protection Officer and have had the honour of meeting and safeguarding many special people from all around the world.

In 2002 I had the role of protecting the Prime Minister of Dominica at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) held at the Sunshine Coast here in Queensland. Coming from the West Indies, the Prime Minister was a huge cricket fan so during his time here I organised a tour of the Gabba and he was over the moon.

As part of my duties I also protected the Chinese President at an event in Port Douglas and I have had the privilege of safeguarding many Australian prime ministers and Queensland premiers who visited Bundaberg and other places in Queensland during my time as a police officer.

These work experiences are certainly unique and make good stories to tell.



Bundaberg's Labor Candidate Tom Smith.
Bundaberg's Labor Candidate Tom Smith.


Tom Smith (Labor)

I am a member of Rotary - it's a great way to stay connected and be an active member of a local community. 

I coached rugby league through junior grades to senior A-grade. That is why I have pushed so hard for local sports community funding because I know first-hand the positive impact playing sports has on young Queenslanders.

My grandfather was a boat builder - we sailed the last boat he built across the Wide Bay bar.



BURNETT (candidates in ballot order)


Burnett candidate Ric Glass.
Burnett candidate Ric Glass.


Ric Glass (independent)

I am fat, I was thin but had health problems and got fat.

Later I got thin again and then a heart attack, sedentary and got fat again!

Now, I am just getting fatter but am working on getting back to normal, whatever that is?

I was a body builder, there are pictures on my Facebook of what I looked like "pre-catastrophic surgery fail" which took me out of work for three years, what I looked like after 3 years (fat) and then before massive heart attack and renal failure made me what I am today.

So, for 10 years I have yo-yo'd (gym people will know yoyo).

I trained the equivalent of three Noosa Triathlons a week and lifted weights the other four days.

Because I was disabled, I did half squats (220kg) just below knee or half deads (240kg) and before I tore my rotator cuff and displaced bicep tendon, benched sets of 140kg on incline and decline and reached almost 180 kg at 84 kg body weight. Before surgery my weights were no different but I did full squats and stood on wooden plank to bend lower with deadlifts, bench was unaffected until rotator cuff tear, I usually maxed every cable machine in the gym set of 3 x 10 reps.



Incumbent Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett.
Incumbent Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett.


Stephen Bennett (LNP incumbent)

I have enjoyed being a member of Rotary for decades and in particular the humanitarian work I was able to do in the Pacific Islands, Cambodia and Thailand.

We built several toilet blocks over the years and there is nothing more rewarding than knowing the immediate difference the facilities will make to people's lives, giving them dignity and respect.

My wife Fiona and I are also very proud to have sponsored many children who have escaped prostitution and slavery.

The horrors these children have faced are immeasurable.

It is an honour to be able to play a small role in giving these children back their life and freedom.