THE Beautiful Game lost its magic and was reduced to old-fashioned battle when Brothers Aston Villa defeated Alloway 6-0 in Division 1 football at Martens Oval.

One-touch football was discarded by the players as the wet conditions reduced the game to a fight to the finish and Villa player-coach Peter Bock said the rain stopped his team from piling on a big score.

"Wet-weather football is unpredictable because it's so slippery," Bock said.

"We couldn't play the fast-flowing game we like to but it was good to win even though it was a scrappy win."

As welcome as the rain was to Bock, who is a professional green keeper, he and his players were frustrated with the state of Martens Oval. The usually fast-predictable surface had puddles of standing water on it and the ball's movement was hard to pick.

Deflections were nearly impossible to read, the ball would skid on in some place and stop dead in others, but it mattered little as Villa built on its 4-0 half-time lead to run away with the game.

Across The Waves mastered the conditions best in its game against Diggers and won 6-0 to keep its unbeaten streak going.

Moore Park and Bingera play tonight to finish the second-last round of the Div 1 season. Villa did Bingera a favour by beating Alloway but the black and whites will want to get the three points regardless.

The last round before finals will be played Saturday and the games are: ATW v Bingera, Moore Park v Alloway and Diggers v Villa.