Bean counter takes shot at new challenge

17th July 2017 4:10 PM
NEW START: Arrow Bean owner Hannah Aylward is selling her Barolin St business. NEW START: Arrow Bean owner Hannah Aylward is selling her Barolin St business. Mike Knott BUN060116ARROW2

AT AN age when most of us are still figuring out what to do with ourselves, Hannah Aylward is preparing to sell the business she has grown over the last two years.

The Bundaberg 20-year-old is looking for the next challenge beyond South Bundy cafe Arrow Bean.

It has been a labour of love since she walked in and renovated the humble timber building into a warm, welcoming and stylish cafe.

Arrow Bean stood out as one of the only joints in town offering the Campos coffee brand, and it became known for its comfort food and vintage furniture.

"Even though it's a busy road, there's a different atmosphere to in town,” Ms Aylward said.

She began her career in coffee at Oodies before busting out on her own.

"I saw this place and saw potential.

"It's hard giving it up, but I want to do something different.”

Her dad, Dan, did the fit-out and her mum Jo regularly helps out on the floor.

"It was never a long-term thing,” Ms Aylward said of her plan for Arrow Bean.

"I've started it; now someone else can finish it.”

Now, she said, "I want to travel, be young for a bit”.

She overcame the challenge of proving herself to the doubters who could not get their heads around a young woman's success.

"The wonderful, supportive people are what kept me going.”

Ms Aylward is offering the business "walk in, walk out” with fittings and furniture, as well as "good turnover, regular loyal customers (and) easy parking”.

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