Woodgate Beach.
Woodgate Beach.

Beach fires banned in Woodgate

AFTER responding to two fires on Woodgate Beach the Woodgate Rural Fire Brigade has issued a warning to the public.

Crews responded to one fire near the hotel, another near the Woodgate Club and found evidence of a third fire south of the vehicle access ramp.

“The beach and much of the dune is part of the Great Sandy Marine Park which bans all fires except in properly constructed fire rings in camping and picnic areas,” the brigade explained. “The rest of the dune back to the road is controlled by Bundaberg Regional Council which does not allow fires in the open.

“Fires lit on sand are a danger to beach users for several days as the heat is often retained and can cause severe burning when you accidentally walk over buried embers.”

The brigade also suspected coronavirus laws were being ignored and had raised the issue with police.

“At one of these fires the COVID-19 social distancing rules were being ignored as there appeared to be more than ten people gathered around.”

“This has been raised with the police and they will be patrolling the area.”

If you see a fire on the beach or elsewhere call triple-0.