Burnett MP Stephen Bennett and incoming Bundaberg MP David Batt.
Burnett MP Stephen Bennett and incoming Bundaberg MP David Batt.

Batt in fight to deliver pledges

A NEW hospital and water park are two of 15 items on David Batt's "to do" list that he says he will be pushing once he's declared the new Member of Bundaberg.

Despite the fact that Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is poised to form government once more, Mr Batt said he would push for his 15 promises so the region remained a top priority, even though Labor's victory will make his job a lot harder.

"It is going to be difficult if LNP are in opposition," he said.

"With that funding, it was all if an LNP government was formed.

"If Labor does take government I'll be making sure those 15 items, the things that people from Bundaberg had told me that they wanted, will be kept front and centre on everyone's mind and I will try and get them funded here."

Mr Batt's LNP promises included a commitment of $15million to help deliver a new aquatic facility and water park.

His promises also included a master plan for a new Bundaberg Hospital to provide access to "better health care".

"The hospital is number one," he said.

"It's been great that both sides, LNP and Labor, have committed to getting a new hospital built here in Bundaberg.

"We will be continuing our fight over the next three years to make sure Labor commits to its promise."

Mr Batt currently leads in first preferences and in the two-party preferred count against current member Leanne Donaldson, who conceded on Sunday.

The final and official outcome could take up to two weeks with pre-polling votes and postal votes still yet to be counted.

The LNP's incoming Member for Bundaberg said it looked like the party was in a "very good position" in the region.

"We have run a fantastic campaign over the weeks," Mr Batt said.

"All the volunteers that have helped out, I couldn't have done it without them," he said.

Mr Batt, who will now quit as Bundaberg's Division 8 councillor, also thanked residents who voted for him.

"We have run a positive campaign about the local issues in Bundaberg and obviously people have heard that."

Mr Batt said when he sworn in, he would work hard to represent the region and to get a "fair share".

" I am here for everybody. The door will be open to talk to people and find out their issues," he said.

"I'll be making sure, whichever side is running the show, that Bundaberg is front and centre of people's minds."