Barking dogs.
Barking dogs. Contibuted

Barking dogs leads to violent threats in the mail

A MARIAN dog owner has been subjected to violent tactics after their barking dogs received an alarming threat in the mail.

The resident of an address in West Street, Marian told police they were left shaken after they found an anonymous letter in the mail telling them to quieten their dog's barking within a specific time frame, threatening violence against the dogs if the authors demands are not met.

According to police the author appears to have taken offence to dogs that bark behind a fence as they walk past the address.

Police say the anonymous author falsely purports to be representing the residents of Marian at large.

Senior Constable James Dolby said after speaking to a few residents of Marian, it would appear the author does not reflect or hold the same values of the majority of the population with regards the correct way to deal with a barking dog complaint.

"If the author were to carry out any action against a resident's dog, the punishment for offences against the Animal Protection Act are severe with up to three years imprisonment for any person found guilty of an offence of cruelty to an animal," Snr Const Dolby said.

"Barking dogs, among other things, are a constant source of angst for neighbours in residential areas, and there is no doubt that the frustration caused to some can be considerable.

"The Mackay Regional Council has extensive information on how to deal with barking dogs and the correct process for making a formal complaint."

If you have any information that may assist police in identifying the author of the letter, please contact police and quote the reference number QI1801249966.