CUTTING TIES: Hair salon Mode has walked away from Bargara Central, moving its staff to Stockland Bundaberg.
CUTTING TIES: Hair salon Mode has walked away from Bargara Central, moving its staff to Stockland Bundaberg. Allan Reinikka ROK140918aemma3

Bargara hair salon cuts ties overnight

CUSTOMERS and businesses at Bargara have been taken by surprise after Mode hairdressing made the swift decision to uproot its Bargara Central store and move staff to its Stockland store.

Director Zak Piletic, who runs several hairdressers under the Mode name, as well as barbers, across Queensland including Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Noosa, said the decision wasn't made lightly.

"It was a quick decision,” he said. "Staff weren't aware until Thursday night.”

The NewsMail understands despite still having 18 months to go on its lease, Mode walked away from Bargara after the rental cost became untenable.

Mode opened at Bargara Central about eight years ago and was the only hairdresser at the Bargara Rd shopping complex until Hair Dinkum Salon & Warehouse opened in late 2016.

When asked if Stockwell, the company that owns and manages Bargara Central, was aware of Mode's departure, MrPiletic said "they are now”.

He said Mode Bargara staff spent Thursday night calling customers with appointments today and sent about 500 text messages to customers who'd had appointments in the past three months, informing them of the move.

He said he valued his staff, and Bargara customers were being offered 20per cent off their first visit to the Stockland Bundaberg store.

He said gift vouchers would also be honoured.

"My priorities are my staff and customers, they're everything to my business,” Mr Piletic said.

However there were at least two customers who didn't get the message about the move and showed up for their appointments to find locked doors this morning.

Sharon Wratten made her appointment just 24 hours prior and said another woman who also turned up for a booking at the same time was equally shocked to find the walls stripped bare and the doors locked.

"There was no sign on the door, they were just gone,” MrsWratten said.

She said she spoke to nearby businesses who were also caught off guard.

Mr Piletic, who spent Friday at the Stockland store to oversee the transition, said he apologised to any customers who hadn't been notified.

Stockwell was contacted today but declined to comment.