CONSPIRACY theories quickly ran wild when a group of locals woke up to find what they believed to be an abandoned plane near their homes in Thailand.

The villagers from Chai Nat were gobsmacked to stumble across the Boeing 747 plane, complete with the colourful purple and gold branding of Thai Airways, in a remote and muddy field.

Villager Prae Anan, 40, told Viral Press: "At first I thought it might have run out of fuel and stopped in the field. I've never even been on an aeroplane so it was big surprise. I could not believe it", The Sun reported.

However, they soon discovered the plane had been stripped of its engines.

The doors of the plane were all shut so it was impossible to look inside and find out more.

Soon, the mystery was solved with local land owner Somchai Phukieow declaring that he had purchased the decommissioned jumbo jet at an auction.

And he has grand plans to create a tourist attraction with the aircraft.

"I bought the plane at an auction in the city," he said. "The engine and all the computer parts were taken out already.

"I would like to make a small attraction here, with a motor-cross track and a football pitch, so people can look inside the plane and watch the sports from inside, too."