Tracey McClymont, Mark Shallue and Rocky.
Tracey McClymont, Mark Shallue and Rocky. TAHLIA STEHBENS

Baffle Creek resident: 'It doesn't seem real'

"A SPIRALLING cyclonic vortex of flames."

That's how Baffle Creek resident Mark Shallue described the scene he witnessed as he fled his home to the Miriam Vale Community Centre on Sunday morning.

"The flames were 12 to 14 metres high," Mr Shallue said.

"That's when I got a bit frightened... it just didn't seem real.

"They (SES) said at the meeting on Sunday afternoon that the smoke was reaching 10,000 feet up in the clouds, and it was sucking the cold air back in to create its own weather system.

"It had three winds making it stronger and it was deciding where it wanted to go."

Mr Shallue said information had been a little disjointed, but understood the demanding situation fire fighters were in.

Four blazes are currently burning in the area surrounding Miriam Vale, and while he feels safe, Mr Shallue said the influx of people to the rescue centre today speaks volumes to the situation at hand.

"The people I was with left Baffle Creek and went to Agnes, but then they got a warning to leave there this morning and are now here, and ever since people have been pouring in," Mr Shallue said.

"Every time you look out to the sky every half an hour the sky has changed.

"It's pretty spooky."

Mr Shallue has been living in the region for five years, and while the broader community battled fires every year, he said nothing compared to the Ash Wednesday fires he experienced in Victoria.

For now, Mr Shallue is just happy his partner Tracey McClymont and dog Rocky have made it to Miriam Vale safely to be with him.

"We're here now and we're safe," Ms McClymont said.