THE Baffle Creek community celebrated its strength in overcoming the flood disaster with a gathering where poetry, artwork and even acrobatic performance enhanced the special event.

About 100 residents assembled on the hill at the Baffle Creek Sports Grounds on Saturday evening, enjoying bush poetry, digital animations, music and a circus show by Lowmead, Rosedale and Wartburg State School students.

The event was organised to show how Baffle Creek had united during the 2013 floods, and involved school children.

The show was an Arts Queensland Creative Recovery project, instigated by the Gladstone Regional Council.

Creative Recovery event organiser Ainsley Gatley said although the floods were still affecting residents, the small Baffle Creek area was learning to be more resilient.

"I believe Baffle Creek had to do it on their own. We know people are still hurting," she said.

"It's all about bringing people together using arts and creativity and recognising the unsung heroes from the floods.

"The Gladsone council identified Baffle Creek as a place that needed an event like this."

Baffle Creek resident Joanna King attended the event, an emotional reminder of the devastation she suffered in 2013.

"I lived in Baffle Creek on Oyster Creek Rd for six years. In 2013, the water (from the floods) went over the roof," she said.

"We loaded the dogs in a boat to next door and then we had to evacuate the neighbour's house and go 2km up the road.

"We lived in a caravan for nine months until we finished the other house we were building. I was devastated."

Mrs King participated in the digital animation videos and said it was a great event.

As part of the show, a spectacular eagle's head was created by artists Kris Martin, Juju Song and Yasmin Matahari, but the idea of the bird came from the children.

"Lowmead State School kids' memory of the floods was eagles circling in the sky and looking for food. We donated the eagle to the school," Ms Gatley said.

Head artist Kris Martin said it took a week to make the woven artwork and two days to make the beak alone, but he was happy with the end result.

"We used four different materials: copper wire, bamboo, piccabeen palm and cats claw weed vine," he said.

Circa Contemporary Circus trainers Bree Le Cornu and Alyssa Venning also performed on the night.