ROB Nightingale didn't know what to say to his wife Sheree as she lay on the floor about to give birth.

So he offered the only advice a man in his position possibly ever could: "Push … push".

It wasn't supposed to happen like this.

Their little girl wasn't supposed to be born on the floor of their home in Urraween.

And he wasn't supposed to be the one delivering her.

But yet, there he was - arms outstretched, hands open, yelling "oh my god … oh my god" towards the heavens.

Moments later, when nine-pound Summer Rose Nightingale arrived in this world, blue and not breathing, her dad was still at it: "oh my god … oh my god".

Mr Nightingale wasn't trained to do what he did next, but with paramedics instructing via the phone, he did what he had to.

"I had to check her airways, and they weren't blocked, so I had to put my mouth over her nose and mouth and blow," he explained.

It was touch and go, but his daughter eventually accepted his gift of oxygen.

"As soon as she cried we just looked at each other and we both started crying - it was relief," Sheree said.

Summer Rose was born at 1.05pm on Sunday, two days early.

She's been assessed and declared fit and healthy.

There's a fair chance, though, that like most girls, her dad will always be her hero.