Awoonga Dam has spilled over.
Awoonga Dam has spilled over. Michael Richards

Awoonga Dam spills, expected to rise another metre by tonight

AT 2am this morning, water started to pass over the spillway of Awoonga Dam.

Inflows to Awoonga Lake will see steady increases today, with the catchment already receiving far more rainfall than was previously predicted.

Dam spill: Awoonga Dam has spilled over.
Dam spill: Awoonga Dam has spilled over.

According to Gladstone Area Water Board, Lake Awoonga hit 40.4m at 7.40am this morning. That water level is still rising now.

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Modelling based on Bureau of Meteorology data shows the lake's water levels are expected to rise 1.1m (41.5m total) by tonight.

By Thursday, the dam's water level is expected to peak at over 42m, depending on rainfall.

Police Creek.
Police Creek. Michael Richards

Affected residents have been notified by GAWB that Pikes Crossing will also likely become impassable this morning.

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Unconfirmed reports suggest Gladstone Monto Road is overrun with local flood water. The road is expected to be swamped with water from the dam by tonight.

Police Creek.: Police Creek.
Police Creek.: Police Creek.

Rain is now easing, however there has been significant falls in the upper catchment with streams yet to peak.

GAWB staff are monitoring inflows and will continue to advise the Gladstone Local Disaster Management Group and local residents.

Updates to follow.