Coast cafe owners consider the price of avocado.
Coast cafe owners consider the price of avocado.

Why you could soon be paying an 'avocado surcharge'

RIBA Kai owner Brett Fawcett spent Monday afternoon considering his menu prices as Coast cafe owners feel the pinch of produce prices.

He said he might have to introduce a surcharge for avocado as he was paying more than double what he usually would.

Bushfires and drought across Australia have caused supplies to dwindle and have restricted transport routes.

"Our wholesale supplier tries to get our produce as local as possible," Mr Fawcett said.

"But we can't get our avocados from Western Australia at the moment so the supplier is trying to have some imported from New Zealand.

"We're contemplating putting a surcharge on avocado but we've got to work out how to do that without impacting our customer too much."

Fruit shop owner Hayden Hornsby said he had been smashed with requests from cafes for more avocados.

High demand and low supply has led to a spike in the price of most produce with broccoli, cauliflower and strawberries at their most expensive.

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Mr Hornsby owns Big Fresh and Fresh Fruits at Maroochydore and said he was feeling the pinch most with a shortage of avocados.

Raw and Rice co-owner Ben Glass said his poke shop charged $2 extra for avocado year-round to cover regular the increase in price at this time of year.

He said the Mooloolaba shop wasn't impacted by growing conditions any more than they usually were.

"Avocado is such an important part of our menu," Mr Glass said.

"They are seasonal so we expect them to get expensive when supplies are short and we planned our business around that.

"Our wholesale supplier understands that so they get produce from all over the place, wherever they can depending on availability."