RAAF counts 113 munition launches against ISIL

AUSTRALIAN fighters remain in the skies over Iraq having completed 180 sorties against the Islamic State terrorists.

Royal Australian Air Force Super Hornets have launched 113 munitions against 44 IS targets, the air force announced over the weekend.

Chief of Joint Operations Vice Admiral David Johnston said the Australian Air Task Group was a key contributor to coalition air operations supporting the Iraqi and Kurdish ground forces against the terror group.

"The ATG continues to target ISIL vehicles, logistics nodes, buildings and check-points, and fighting positions as well as providing close air support for ISF and Peshmerga forces," he said.

"While operations against ISIL in Iraq will continue for some time, ISIL is under immense pressure and the militants' momentum has been checked since the air campaign commenced."

While RAAF operations began against the IS in October, Australian special forces have been in Iraq for around a month.

The Special Operations Task Group has begun training 40 ISF soldiers in counter-terrorist tactics and has helped coordinated 17 air-strikes and air support operations, and 70 improvised explosive devices.