GOING THE DISTANCE: Local boy Austin Savage brings home gold at the Australian Boxing Championships.
GOING THE DISTANCE: Local boy Austin Savage brings home gold at the Australian Boxing Championships.

Austin brings home gold

A TATTOO raffle and community spirit has helped Austin Savage bring home gold from the Australian Boxing Championships.

The Apple Tree Creek teen went the distance, dominating round after round against his Victorian opponent in the championship bout.

"He had a great time," Austin's father, Jim Savage said.

"We trained exactly as normal for this fight, nothing really changed in terms of training.

"He was able to train and spar with some of the people while we were in Adelaide and that was great for him to be able to do that because at the smaller competitions people aren't stepping up to fight him.

"So we are focusing on getting to some of the bigger tournaments this year, where you get paired with someone and you have to fight."

As a tattoo artists and owner of Savage Bodyart in Childers, Mr Savage raffled $450 worth of tattooing in order to get Austin in the Adelaide ring.

He said they made just enough money to get him there and he loved it.

The raffle winner was drawn on April 3.

With the support from the surround and boxing community, Mr Savage said it made the trip "a whole lot better".

"I just want to thank the All Stars Boxing coaches and kids, the Bundy Boxing team Sid, Dan and the kids and everyone who bought a ticket or donated," he said.

The 13-year-old started boxing when he was eight and has nearly 60 fights and several titles under his belt so far.

As the "undisputed champion for his weight" Austin has won the National Golden Gloves, Queensland State 42kg Title, the National 40kg Title and now a gold in the Australian Boxing Championships for his weight.

Mr Savage said while Austin was excited to have won, he doesn't let it dwell on him.

"I try and teach him that if you win that's great, have that for a day and then let it go, because you're not going to win them all and when you lose you can be sad for a day and then you have to let that go," he said.

"If you base everything on winning, you might as well give it away.

"But Austin does it for the sport, it's not about winning for him - he really loves it and has a passion for it."

While taking a week off over the school holidays, Austin's father said there's half a dozen more fights throughout the year that they would like to attend.

If you would like to see Austin the ring throughout the year, donate at http://bit.ly/2n5Ib6E