Aussies lose it over ‘honest’ shop sign


A Western Australian shopkeeper has become a social media sensation after leaving a hilariously honest sign on the front of the store.

The note, which is attached the business's front window, explains why the shop will be closed over the Australia Day long weekend holiday.

A picture of the sign was snapped by an amused passer-by, and it was later shared on The Bell Tower Times social media account with the simple caption: "Honesty".

"Due to my alcohol dependency and stress of the past month we will be closed from 2pm today and re-open Tuesday morning. Happy Australia Day," the sign begins.

"No need to worry about me. I am in a really good place right now, not emotionally or spiritually.

"Just on the couch with my dogs and my wine."

While the name and exact location of the business is not known, it is believed to be in the Perth CBD.

The post has gone viral, attracting thousands of likes, shares and comments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hundreds of Aussies have been quick to heap praise on the business owner's honesty and Australian spirit.

"And that's how you tell them, coz the truth is the truth. Don't you just love a bit of honesty? Straya Day, another good excuse to just park up, on the couch, with yer dog," one Facebook user wrote, while another posted: "I'm putting this sign on my work desk for the whole of next week."

Aussies have congratulated the shop owner for their no-nonsense excuse. Picture: Facebook/The Bell Tower Times
Aussies have congratulated the shop owner for their no-nonsense excuse. Picture: Facebook/The Bell Tower Times

"Gotta appreciate the no bullsh*t," another posted, while other simply wrote: "Respect".

As Australia Day fell on Sunday this year, the official public holiday is being observed today.

Trading hour regulations differ from state to state, but most businesses will be open today.

In NSW, ACT, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Victoria, businesses aren't subject to any restrictions for the duration of the long weekend.

In Queensland, most independent retailers and other exempt stores are also unrestricted for the long weekend, but opening hours for non-exempt stores including large retailers will vary across the state.

In Western Australia, general retail stores in Perth's metro area can trade on Monday from 8am to 6pm, and normal Sunday hours (11am to 5pm) apply.

Rottnest Island is not covered by trading hours laws, nor are small and special retail shops that carry a certificate.

In South Australia, things are more complicated as the laws change depending on store location and size.

Non-exempt stores in the CBD tourist precinct can trade from 11am to 5pm today, but non-exempt stores in the Metropolitan Shopping District and Glenelg Tourist Precinct can't open on Monday.