ON SCREEN: Izzy Stevens in Los Angeles filming Scott D. Clark's film Him.
ON SCREEN: Izzy Stevens in Los Angeles filming Scott D. Clark's film Him.

Aussie stars align for Bundy film maker

When Bundaberg's Scott D. Clark embarked on bringing his film Him to the silver screen he could barely fathom getting one big Aussie name to sign on, but now he's assembling an "all star cast".

Joining Australian actor Izzy Stevens in this feature film is Peter Phelps, Steve Bastoni and

Tony Bonner AM.

The thriller Him, is written and directed by Mr Clark who is seeking to pay homage to Australian TV and film history in his feature.

While the film will be set in modern society, it will have an 80s and early 90s thriller style.

Between the latest cast announcements are classic titles like The Man from Snowy River, The Lighthorsemen, Baywatch, Wonderland, The Matrix Reloaded and The Mango Tree - which was filmed in Bundaberg.

Mr Clark said it was an honour to be able to direct these stars in his film after growing up admiring their work.

Speaking to Mr Clark, Tony Bonner AM said he liked to support upcoming filmmakers.

"Firstly I have always tried to support new young filmmakers, especially if they have a project that is of interest to me; the storyline, the concept, the twists and turns in the journey of the characters, not just my character." Bonner said.

"Profiling has always been of interest to me, deduction of the bits that make the whole, so this script on many levels had my interest and the character of Reg.

Having watched one of Mr Clark's short film, Bonner said he knew what he was about and was prepared to go on the journey with him and his team.

"Bundy, love it up there, have been there several times, once to film The Mango Tree, a beautiful book that became an interesting film, very strong cast, and first rate director," he said.

"Plus playing a local hero was an honour.

"I have returned several times to hold an acting class there and to support local Neil Irving at his Dojo.

"Love living at Bargara and playing golf there, so happy to return to Bundy at any time."

Mr Clark said they had wrapped filming with Izzy Stevens in LA.

Despite the challenges that come with filming in a pandemic, like having to direct virtually from Australia, he said the shoot was a success.

While filming in Australia has been somewhat hampered due to border restrictions as some of his cast is in Victoria and others in New South Wales, he said this has given them a chance to polish, repolish and flesh out the script.

"It's all coming together," he said.

Clark said he was "really proud" of what he'd achieved, having created his short film two years ago to bringing a feature film to life in such a short period of time.

He said making a feature film in a time when it was a struggle to get funding required, any donation "goes a long way".

If you would like to donate to the Him production or find out more information, click here.



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