AFP officers carrying out terror raids in Sydney recently.
AFP officers carrying out terror raids in Sydney recently. Contributed

IS Aussie behind Sydney terror plots killed: reports

MOHAMMAD Ali Baryalei, the fugitive Australian terrorist accused of masterminding a plot to kill random members of the public in Sydney, is believed to have been killed in fighting in the Middle East.

The fugitive Australian terrorist has recruited dozens of Australians onto the battlefield in Syria and Iraq.

It is understood he died four or five days ago.

The news of his death began circulating on social media over the past 12 hours.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the government was currently seeking to verify reports of his death.

According to Fairfax, Abdul Salaam Mahmoud, a friend who met Baryalei through the Street Dawah group in Sydney, posted this message on Facebook last night:

"I've just received the news that our beloved brother Mohamed Ali who was recently strongly attacked by Australian media has been martyred. He was a brother a friend and our leader in street dawah Sydney.

"Last time I met him he hugged me very tightly and gave me one advice he told me " Stick to Qyam Al-Lil/night prayer" then he left to Bilad Al-Sham.

"Today we shall celebrate his martyrdom with tears of joy and sorrow.

"Oh Allah accept him as another green bird.

 Baryalei was accused of funnelling scores of Australian fighters onto the frontline of the wars in Syria and Iraq.

The ABC's 7.30 program said he had a trusted position in Islamic State (IS) operational command and facilitated the recruitment of at least half of the 60 Australians currently fighting in the wars.

The Afghan refugee and former Kings Cross nightclub bouncer recruited a who's who of Australian IS fighters, including Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar, boys as young as 17, and at least seven Australians who would go on to be killed in Syria and Iraq, the ABC said.

Among them were 22-year-old former Gold Coast private schoolgirl Amira Karroum and her husband, dual Australian-US citizen Tyler Casey, who died side-by-side in the Syrian city of Aleppo last January.

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