Ashy Bines claims the Dieticians Association of Australia's recent survey, which labeled her diet plan the third worst diet in the country, was flawed.
Ashy Bines claims the Dieticians Association of Australia's recent survey, which labeled her diet plan the third worst diet in the country, was flawed.

Ashy Bines bites back at critics of her diet plan

FITNESS entrepreneur Ashy Bines has hit back at the Dieticians Association of Australia, whose survey rated her clean eating diet plan as the third worst diet in the country.

She posted the following statement on her Facebook page:

Ashy here and I just wanted to speak out about the latest 'articles' by DAA, as the media likes to put their own spin on anything and everything to make a story look and sound interesting.

Even if that means not getting facts straight or even taking the time to research exactly what they are talking about which is clearly the case here.

Firstly, I think they are confused with the difference between Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge (ABBBC) and my clean eating diet plan.

Secondly, I do not understand how 'ABBBC' or my clean eating diet plan can be compared with a liquid detox that holds next to no nutritional value, let alone any education/support/motivation on how to live a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained, to then compare it with my guidelines that involves REAL food, all food groups we all need, no restrictions to cut any food groups out has just blown my mind.

My nutritionist approved guidelines are ALL about eating fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins, plus staying away from refined sugars, alcohol and deep fried foods, PLUS being active and keeping the ever important BALANCE in everything you do.

If any dietician is saying that this is a unhealthy and not sustainable way to live a healthy balanced lifestyle then I'm very worried with what education they are putting out to their clients.

We at ABBBC are about giving girls guidelines to begin with and then working with them to find the personal eating and lifestyle plan that works best for them. Empowering them to create their own personalised plan.

We have never claimed my guidelines to be the only thing girls should follow or the only way to get results. It's a kickstart into a healthy way of eating, its guidelines on what foods are full of nutrients and help you stay in shape, live a balanced lifestyle and feel amazing inside and out.

Everyone is different and this is a great way for girls with little or no education to get started on learning about what works for them and feels good for them, PLUS an amazing way to be surrounded by 1000s of other women all on the same journey together.

Below are some more points that have us asking quite a few questions about this survey:

• We are confused as to why the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) has included a supportive women's fitness challenge in their survey of "diets".

• The ABBBC is about fitness and health in a positive group environment, run at over 66 locations around Australia. We provide basic diet recommendations, but the focus is on supportive, group fitness training. It is a very successful boot camp that has helped thousands of women around Australia. We have more girls involved in our programs than any other program across Australia with 1000's of proven results and girls who have been with us for years.

• To compare the ABBBC to a liquid detox diet is ridiculous and clearly 68% of dieticians 'surveyed' agreed and didn't recommend avoiding ABBBC.

• You have to wonder if the Dieticians Association of Australia (DAA) did any research before sending out this press release as they obviously do not understand what the ABBBC actually is.

• The diet recommendations for ABBBC do not rule out any major food group. No food is 'demonised'.

• We have accredited nutritionists supporting ABBBC and the clean eating diet plan.We know we are helping thousands of women every day, and we believe 100% in ABBBC and 4000+ women working towards their healthiest, happiest fittest selves can't be wrong and we will ALWAYS put their health, goals and happiness first.

Thanks for all of your support and for reading this its much appreciated by myself and all my incredible team.