AS THE world becomes more and more advanced and electronics are a way of the future, Kalkie State School Year 5 students have spent the year learning how to create and program robots.

Deputy principal Patrick Cause said the robotics program was beneficial for the students as they learn to work in a team and have fun while learning new skills.

"The children don't see it as work," Mr Cause said. "Some of the children who aren't academic pick it up faster than those who are. It's a big self-esteem builder for these kids when they realise their help is needed."

Mr Cause said this year's program was created only through the generosity of parent volunteers Craig and Tracey Clarke who assist the children with the programming side.

"We saw there were robots sitting in the cupboard gathering dust," Mr Clarke said. "We didn't want them to go to waste so jumped in to help the school out."

University student Tina Carruthers has spent the past year working with the Year 5 children and said the difference the program has made is wonderful.

"The children have made everything including props for the robots to move around," Ms Carruthers said.

Year 5 students Michael Derrick and Damian Flett were excited to be involved in the program.

Next year the school hopes to have a fulltime robotics club. Mr Cause said he hopes the skills learned will open a pathway to subject like engineering at high school.