General photographs of Queensland Police (AAP Image/Richard Walker)
General photographs of Queensland Police (AAP Image/Richard Walker)

Armed suspects behind bars

A TORQUAY man, who went to the back of his house to look out for his cat, inadvertently alerted police to a suspected armed robber.

A siege-type situation allegedly played out in Blackall Ct for several hours on Thursday night and into the early hours of Friday morning after the suspect climbed onto the roof of a home in an effort to escape.

Robert Norris and Kylie Mann were arrested and taken into custody just hours after police circulated photos of them online.

The pair had been sought for questioning in connection with multiple alleged offences in the Wide Bay, including an alleged armed robbery at a cafe in Tiaro last week.

The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Chronicle he had been watching TV with his wife at about 9pm when they heard a noise outside.

"At first I thought it was the cat coming through the cat flap," he said.

"I went round to check and saw a man standing on the other side of our screen door," he alleged.

He believed one of the alleged offenders had used a pool fence to climb up onto the roof of his home before jumping across to a neighbour's property.

Police were notified and surrounded the house after allegedly pinpointing where Mr Norris was.

"My wife was quite shaken by the ordeal and it was concerning knowing that there was someone walking on my roof. I am just glad it is all over" the resident said.

Police negotiators spoke to Mr Norris for several hours, eventually coaxing him down at around 1am.

"I never stayed outside the whole time, but did go out from time-to-time to see what was happening. When police got the man down I saw them loading him into the back of a police van," he said.

Meanwhile, Ms Mann was located by members of the dogs squad in Garden Dr about 9.30pm.

Senior Sergeant Mick Polit said officers believed the motive behind the alleged string of crimes was to support Mr Norris and Ms Mann's alleged drug habit.

While not physically appearing in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court Friday, the suspects were remanded into custody.

Mr Norris, 33 is facing a raft of charges including stealing, robbery and other drug-related offences, among other things.

He is due back in court on March 5.

Ms Mann, 35 has been charged with stealing, trespassing, receiving tainted property and driving without a license among other things.

She returns to court on February 20.