Dale Lee Barnes appeared in court on Monday.
Dale Lee Barnes appeared in court on Monday. Facebook

'ARE YOU SERIOUS?' Disrespectful man schooled in court

A BUNDABERG man has been schooled in courtroom etiquette after bringing a disrespectful attitude to the bar table.

Dale Lee Barnes appeared before Bundaberg Magistrate Belinda Merrin on Monday morning, for the possession of a cone piece (drug instrument).

But the matter was stood down only moments after proceedings commenced, when Mr Barnes unleashed his attitude on the court.

When asked how he pleaded to having a cone piece used in connection with smoking a dangerous drug on October 16, Mr Barnes responded: "Um, we'll say guilty aye? Just get it out the way. Guilty yep".

Ms Merrin explained to Mr Barnes in order for her to be able to proceed, she needed to be satisfied he had pleaded understanding what the allegations were and had done so out of free will.

"Yeah, yeah I understand that. I just don't want to take up the court's time you know? It's just a cone piece, you know?" Mr Barnes answered.

Visibly frustrated, Ms Merrin responded: "When you walk in and out of the court, you're supposed to stop and bow. It's not about me, it's showing respect to the court - something I'm not satisfied you're doing at the moment, and I'm going to stand the matter down.

As he walked out, Mr Barnes said "Are you serious?"

Seeing that Mr Barnes had failed to bow as he exited once more, Ms Merrin called out "You forgot again".