Apple update bricked your iPhone? Here's what to do next

APPLE'S new software for iPhones and iPads has left some older models unuseable.

The update - released last week - brings with it a raft of new features and improvements. But for owners of the iPad 2 and some other devices, it left their tablets and phones completely unusable.

Owners of the iPad 2 reported that after updating the device, it got stuck and could not communicate with Apple's servers so that it could activate itself.

And owners of older devices without the Touch ID sensor could only complete the update if they remembered the account login that the device was set up with when it was first activated. That may have happened many years ago and when the phone was owned by someone else, leaving users unable to get back into the devices.

The company has taken steps to address the problems, releasing a new version of the update and offering suggestions for those still affected by the problems.

Apple released a new version of iOS 9.3 specifically to fix the issues with the iPad 2. That can be re-downloaded and installed, and the tablet should then be able to get back online.

For those that are unable to get in because of old logins, the company has posted a special page offering suggestions and help. It recommends that affected iPhone owners attempt to activate their device through iTunes on the PC or a Mac, or try and de-activate iCloud activation lock from its website.

If neither of those fixes work, the company recommends that people get in touch with Apple's customer service team.

It also said it would release another new version of iOS 9.3 for people specifically hit by that problem at some point in the future.