Destiny switched on to reality TV


FIVE-YEAR-OLD Destiny Harmer loves reality television and has now encouraged her mother to sit down and watch it with her.

Mother Kristy Harmer said she was never a big fan of reality television shows.

"Destiny started to persuade me to watch them with her,'' she said.

"Destiny loves Australian Idol the most but also enjoys Big Brother and the Biggest Loser.

"I think she started liking some of these show one night when I was cooking dinner, and then asked if she could watch it again.''

Kristy said her favourite reality television show was Australian Idol ? she loved Shannon Noll.

She said, as a parent, she wouldn't allow her daughter to watch the Big Brother uncovered, only the earlier shows and the eviction.

"I'm always there by her side, and I don't think there is anything wrong with her watching the shows,'' she said.

"They are sometimes better than watching shows like Neighbours or Home and Away because at least Big Brother is reality.''

Kristy said she could understand that a lot of people thought these reality shows were getting old.

"They need to make them more exciting, and try and re-vamp them somehow to get the viewer back,'' she said.

"We started to watch the wedding one and it was really boring, so I can understand why it finished.

"I think some of the other shows need to be careful, if not they might lose all their viewers.