Big Brother evictee David dreamed of his country home

by Kathleen Donaghey

THE fluorescent confines of the Big Brother house has made southern Queensland's open spaces all the more appealing to contestant David Graham.

The gay Goondiwindi farmer was evicted from the Channel 10 reality TV program on Sunday night, after coming out to family and friends, including his father, on national television and making his mark as an intensely moralistic and thinking man (with good looks).

But all the while he was in the house, David dreamed of his sheep, his horses, the solitude of his farm and the man he had left behind to make a point to the Australian public about gay rights.

Mum Lucille, of Toowoomba, said it would be some time before her son could expect to return to the quiet country life of horse-riding and caring for his animals.

"It will be hard for him for a little while," Mrs Graham said, citing his contract and touring obligations.

"He won't be able to do what he wants for quite some time. Mrs Graham said it had been hard for the family, who were "private people", to hear themselves and their stories talked about all over Australia, but she always expected the public's reaction to her son to be positive.

In fact, with a mother's love in her every word, Mrs Graham said she was so sure David could have been hot favourite to win.

Yesterday media reports surfaced claiming David wanted to marry his partner Sharif, with whom he was reunited during Sunday night's show, and return to his farm.

Mrs Graham said it would be a relief to her son to finally tend his animals rather than have to live like one in a television zoo.