MARYBOROUGH man Brad Dimmock was close enough to the Mary River crocodile to see its eyes and teeth.

He was in no doubt that it was the real deal.

"About lunchtime on Friday (October 4), I was travelling up the river in my tinnie and spotted the crocodile opposite Queens Park."

" It was half in the water and half out..then it disappeared - next I saw it crashing through the mangroves."

About half-an-hour later, Brad noticed that it had moved about 20m and was sitting in between the mangroves.

He said he thought it was about 4m long but when a marine officer saw the claw prints in the mud, he estimated the length to be about 3m.

Brad said a bloke who lived in his boat on the bend said the crocodile had been sitting there all morning.

A crocodile was spotted near Saltwater Creek on the same day and reported to be about 4m.

Mr Dimmock believes it could be the same one.