THERE are scenes of anger and frustration as locals wait on Woodgate Road while fireys continue to do everything they can to hold the flames at bay. 

NewsMail reporter at the scene Rhylea Millar said people were upset they couldn't return to their properties to check on family and remove their pets from potential harm. 

Local man Richard Dee never could have imagained he'd be sitting on the side of the road playing with his son Logan today, but with no safe way to go back home, and nowhere else to go, that's where he's ended up. 

He described himself not as tired, but past the point to being overtired.  

"This is where we are mate, on the side of the road, and there's not really anywhere we can go," he told the NewsMail. 

As water bombers flew overhead, MP Keith Pitt made an appearance on Woodgate Rd, Kinkuna Waters, chatting to a few locals. 

While locals expressed frustration at not being able to get home, police earlier issued a warning that actions were for the safety of the public over and above all else.

"Firstly I would like to thank the entire... community for their support and patience with this extreme fire event," Inspector Pat Swindells said this morning.

"I am so appreciative and thank the volunteer fire firefights and state emergency workers and their employers, who allowed them to be on the ground fighting these fires.

"Police are continuing to manage the evacuation centre and ensuring that the community are well protected.

"I do ask that members do not bypass containment lines or police and SES manned roadblocks so that they do not put themselves in harm's way."