Angel gowns help to ease heartache

LOSING a baby can be heartbreaking for parents, but one organisation of volunteers hopes to bring a little comfort to in their grief.

NICU Helping Hands Angel Gown Program Australia area representative Jess Cornwell said they crafted dresses for babies who died too soon.

"We make them from donated wedding dresses, prom dresses, anything," she said.

"We deconstruct them and turn out dresses for the babies."

The organisation was at Kalkie State School yesterday, with a number of people arriving with dresses to donate.

Ms Cornwell said the dresses would be lovingly handcrafted by volunteers.

They would then be given to neonatal ICU units and hospital all around the country.

The organisation was recently registered and now has branches right across Australia.

"We've got people in every state now," Ms Cornwell said.

She said every program had a manager and seamstresses.

"Gowns made by us go anywhere in Queensland, anywhere that they are needed," she said.

Yesterday's donation drive was an attempt to get people to donate anything they could to help the organisation out.

Ms Cornwell said if more people wanted to donate they could send and email to

"We will quite happily pick up from homes, businesses, anywhere people want us to," she said.

Ms Cornwell said people who wanted the gowns could make requests from hospitals, or individually.

"We're working on stocking all the hospitals," she said.