AMMA says FIFO work practices play an important role in developing the state
AMMA says FIFO work practices play an important role in developing the state

AMMA urges QLD FIFO inquiry to consult

NATIONAL resource industry employer group, AMMA, has urged a Queensland inquiry into FIFO practices to consult thoroughly with industry before making recommendations that could negatively impact business and employment opportunities.

The group's submission to the Queensland Parliamentary inquiry: "fly-in, fly-out and other long distance commuting work practices in regional Queensland" is based on feedback from member companies which rely on FIFO working arrangements for operations.

AMMA's Scott Barklamb said the resource industry had been a major pillar in the state's economy and would continue to play a vital role in "Australia's anticipated emergence as the world's largest exporter of LNG by 2020".

"FIFO work practices have played an important role in developing the state as a resources investment destination. This benefits all Queenslanders through economic growth, royalties and taxes," he said.

"AMMA urges the inquiry to undertake a sensible, considered and consultative approach to work practices which are critical to many resource operations remaining viable."

Mr Barklamb said resource employers rely on non-residential employees primarily where operations are remote.

He said the arrangements often suit both employers and employees, and many resource projects would not survive without FIFO.

Mr Barklamb said the inquiry should consider "robust data and evidence" before coming to any conclusions about the economic, social and health impacts of FIFO.

"If FIFO was restricted or banned, many of Queensland's remote mines would close down. This would be devastating for FIFO workers and their families, as well as the flow-on support sectors, and tax and royalty payments that help fund services for the wider Queensland community," he said.

"FIFO is vital for our industry, the Queensland economy and the community."