Dean Webber, 19, is assisting police with inquiries after a stabbing incident at Alva Beach near Ayr.
Dean Webber, 19, is assisting police with inquiries after a stabbing incident at Alva Beach near Ayr.

Analysis struggles to join dots on stabbing mystery

THE stabbing deaths of two men in a tight-knit beachside community is being investigated by police as a possible act of self-defence.

It is understood Candice Locke, fearing for her life, ran to a house at Alva Beach, near Ayr, and banged on the door, shouting for help.

Ms Locke, who had suffered a dislocated shoulder in an earlier assault, was in pain and believed she was in grave danger.

Dean Webber, 19, who lives at the family home at Topton St, let her in.

But shortly after, father-of-three Corey Christensen, 37, and Tom Davy, 27, are believed to have stormed the house.

Mr Webber is believed to have stabbed both men, in what is being investigated as an act of self-defence, to protect himself and Ms Locke, 29.


Candice Locke.
Candice Locke.


Both Mr Christensen and Mr Davy died of their injuries.

Detective Inspector Chris Lawson said officers were still trying to piece together how she came to be injured and why the two men had chased her.

Ms Locke is yet to give a ­formal statement while she ­undergoes medical treatment and is under police guard at Townsville Hospital.

"She's been in and out of surgery to get her shoulder ­repaired and we're still to get her side of the story,'' Insp Lawson said.

"We need her version of events and hopefully that'll shed some light on exactly what happened.

"It's an extraordinary string of events that's ended in ­tragedy.''


Detective Inspector Chris Lawson. Picture: Zak Simmonds
Detective Inspector Chris Lawson. Picture: Zak Simmonds


Police believe the injured Ms Locke had picked the house at random, one with the lights still on, and had gone to the home looking for a place to call an ambulance shortly after midnight following the NRL grand final on Sunday.

"It's very unusual; normally we'd expect linkages between the four people but in this case the dots do not connect,'' Insp Lawson said.

Ms Locke, the daughter of prominent Townsville businessman and former Cowboys player Martin Locke, did know one of the victims but the ­extent of their relationship is unclear.

Mr Webber did not know any of the others involved.

Police do not believe the deaths are drug-related.

Insp Lawson did not rule out the presence of alcohol, and said the full post-mortem examination of the bodies had not been completed.

Mr Webber, an apprentice fitter from a well-known Burdekin family, was arrested and taken into police custody on Monday but was yesterday released with no charges laid.

The 19-year-old was guided by police, limping, through the Topton St crime scene late ­yesterday afternoon after his release.

"We're certainly looking at it as a case of self-defence,'' Insp Lawson said.

"We're preparing a police report for the Coroner and it is possible no criminal charges will be laid.

"But this will certainly end up inside a courtroom in one way or another."

Insp Lawson said Mr Webber was not precluded from any charges in the future.

He said the families of all involved were "very ­distraught" and "seeking ­answers" about the double fatal stabbing that has rocked the Alva Beach community of about 250 people.

"Hopefully we'll have those answers in the very near ­future,'' Insp Lawson said.


Corey Christensen.
Corey Christensen.


Thomas Davy.
Thomas Davy.


It is expected detectives, from across the Townsville Police District, will remain at Alva Beach today, circling the streets and door knocking to seek further information.

Insp Lawson said police still needed to speak to anyone who had any dealings with the people involved before the stabbings.

"We are trying to back track and establish where people have been, who they've been with, what they've seen, and paint a clearer picture for us to provide that to the coroner," he said.

"The Alva Beach community is a tight-knit community and they are quite happy to provide any evidence they can or any version they can to provide closure for this ­incident."