A domestic violence order breached almost every day

ALMOST one person every day was assaulted or harassed by someone breaching their domestic violence prevention order on the Fraser Coast in June, according to Queensland Police figures.

Wide Bay Women's Health counsellor Tanya Barich said the shocking new figures revealed what many domestic violence prevention and support workers had known for far too long.

"Unfortunately (domestic violence) is becoming more and more prevalent," Ms Barich said.

Ms Barich believed the situation was getting worse and was of particular concern in regions.

"When you have people who don't have jobs, the frustration and anger which goes along with that does increase the risk," she said.

Ms Barich said alcohol and substance abuse were also significant contributing factors contributing to domestic abuse.

She said more women had felt comfortable asking for help because the traditional stigmas relating to domestic violence were being broken down.

According to the figures, in June this year alone, police charged 15 people over a domestic violence prevention order in Hervey Bay and a further 12 people were charged in Maryborough.

In just the first six months of the year, Hervey Bay and Maryborough police processed 147 charges of breaching a domestic violence prevention order.

The figures show only the tip of the iceberg and do not take into account domestic violence incidents which were not related to a domestic violence prevention order.

Nor do they include those that were not reported.

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Queensland Minister for Women Shannon Fentiman said while there were services available in the region, more needed to be done.

The government has provided more than $600,000 for domestic and family violence services in the Wide Bay area.

The government is expected to respond shortly to the 140 recommendations in Dame Quentin Bryce's report on domestic and family violence.

The shocking figures come just days after a Fraser Coast man was jailed for the brutal rape and attack on his former partner, despite a domestic violence order being in place.

If you need to escape domestic violence, phone 1800 811 811 for the Domestic Violence Hotline or visit www.qlddomesticviolencelink.org.au for services.