Alleged fraudster's loot go under the hammer

THOUSANDS of fashionistas snapped up luxury items seized from alleged Queensland Health fraudster Joel Morehu-Barlow's for well above market predictions.

Among the first of the possessions from the "fake prince" to go under the hammer on Sunday were a Chanel black wristwatch with diamond numerals, a men's Breitling Automatic Wristwatch, Christian Louboutin women's shoes, a Louis Vuitton fountain pen and a Tiffany and Co necklace.

The men's Breitling Automatic chronometer, which had an estimate of between $1000 and $1500 sold for $2800, at the Antique and Fineart Auctions at Woolloongabba.

A Louis Vuitton fountain pen with an estimated value of between $300 and $500 sold for $700.

The Tiffany and Co necklace purportedly worth between $50 and $100 went under hammer for $450.

A Chanel black wristwatch with diamond numerals, which had an estimated sale price of $3000 to $5000, went to the highest bidder at $10,000.

Among the auction catalogue was an 1880s Bible, a 19th century French decanter set, limited-edition French cognac and a Gibson guitar.

Estimates from organisers on Sunday put the number at 2000 people in the auction room and another 500 outside.

The auction was scheduled to run from 9am until about 7pm. Morehu-Barlow is set to plead and be sentenced on March 19 in the District Court for defrauding the State Government of $16 million.

Proceeds from the sales are expected to be returned to Queensland Health.