Alexa Bliss put an end to any rumours about her plastic surgery.
Alexa Bliss put an end to any rumours about her plastic surgery.

‘Old news’: Star’s plastic surgery clapback

ALEXA Bliss admitted she had a boob job when she was called out by a fan on social media.

The WWE star, real name Alexis Kaufman, even joked she has not been allowed to wrestle lately because she had more plastic surgery.

But her true fans will know that she was ruled out in October for medical reasons after suffering "multiple concussions."

Bliss decided to share a stunning selfie with her 1.06m fans on Twitter with the caption: "Be happy."

However, one social media user replied: "Looks like you got tons on plastic surgery."

And the American left her fans in stitches when she replied: "Haha maybe that's REALLY why I've been out of the ring … got a new face."

But some social media users saw this as another chance to get under the 27-year-old's skin.

One replied a GIF of Patrick from SpongeBob thinking, with the caption: "Ain't she got her boobs done."

Bliss took the insult and turned it around, by stating: "Old news..."

A number of fans jumped to her defence, while another posted a picture of her sunbathing with the caption: "God bless America."

The former SmackDown Women's Champion sent the internet into meltdown when she posted a bikini selfie amid claims she had surgery in April.

Bliss was cleared to return to the ring at the start of the month for Monday Night Raw after making a recovery from concussion.

The 27-year-old has recently been captain of the RAW Women's Survivor Series team and the following night was named the head of the Raw women's division by Baron Corbin.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.