Aldi pre-lit Christmas tree. Source: Instagram
Aldi pre-lit Christmas tree. Source: Instagram

Aldi’s incredible $99 Christmas tree

It's that time of the year when the Christmas tree makes its debut and it's all fun and games until you realise you have a giant ball of tangled lights.

As much of a great family-bonding experience it is to decorate the tree, there is nothing worse than untangling a bunch of decorative lights from the year before.

And for this reason, time-poor parents are flocking to their nearest Aldi store to get their hands on the German supermarket's pre-lit Christmas tree.

The tree also comes laden with a range of baubles and decorations, a massive plus that's also contributing to the frenzy surrounding the tree.

The $99 sellout item is a godsend, as some mums have put it, taking to social media to express their excitement over the timesaving tree.

"Best $100 I've spent," one mum said, while others were sharing snaps of their set-up at home.

One mum showed how the tree worked for indecisive families.

One woman posted this picture of her set-up to Instagram tagging #aldichristmastree and writing ‘amazing!!!’ Source: Instagram
One woman posted this picture of her set-up to Instagram tagging #aldichristmastree and writing ‘amazing!!!’ Source: Instagram

"My Aldi prelit tree, I like the white lights, hubby likes the coloured and I'm sure the grandkids will too," she said, adding that with "just a push of the button (you can) change (colours) or you can have them change automatically between the two".

Others loved the easy set-up.

"So easy to put up as branches are all attached. Just fold out and it already has the lights built in! Can't get any better!" one fan wrote.

Amazing! I need this pre lit tree from @aldiaustralia

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The mums shared tips on where to get your hands on the tree, explaining they had sold out in many stores.

"I know a few people have found them," wrote one, "would be lucky to get though I think."

"Worth checking. You might find one. Some Aldis sold out fast. I found my one had them for a few weeks."

But Aldi's pre-lit Christmas tree isn't the only tree getting rave reviews.

Jingle Jolly's rep-lit Christmas tree from has been a huge hit, at $149.

"Wow. That's stunning. Really nicely done" and "NOW THAT'S A TREE!" some Facebook users posted after one mother's photo of her red and glittering Jingle Jolly tree.

Both cult Christmas trees also fold down easily until next year. Another massive bonus.

Aldi released their festive range last month with other popular items, including bottles of champagne for $12 and turkeys priced at just $26.