Bail conditions should reduce the accused man's flight risk, Brisbane Suprem Court was told.
Bail conditions should reduce the accused man's flight risk, Brisbane Suprem Court was told.

'Airport watch list' expected for deadly drive accused

A WORKING holiday turned to horror when a visiting 23-year-old's car allegedly struck and killed a man.

But Omer Shumuel Itshaky, an Israeli man, has been granted bail after "a reputable citizen" agreed to provide a place for him to stay.

"This may be a sad case of someone who ... had too much to drink and didn't realise the dangers that posed," Justice Peter Applegarth said on Tuesday.

Mr Itshaky was charged with dangerously operating a vehicle causing death while adversely affected.

He was denied bail earlier this month in Proserpine Magistrates Court.

That court heard on November 6 Mr Itshaky was living out of a car and had been staying in Airlie Beach for four to five weeks before the alleged incident.

The Proserpine court also heard that after a 46-year-old man walking on Shute Harbour Rd was allegedly struck by the car on November 5, police seized Mr Itshaky's passport.

Justice Applegarth said he expected Mr Itshaky to be "on an airport watch list".

"I wouldn't venture to estimate what sentence the applicant may receive if he's convicted," Justice Applegarth told Brisbane Supreme Court.

But he said one "would expect a substantial head sentence" if Mr Itshaky was found guilty or pleaded guilty.

There was strong evidence linking Mr Itshaky as the driver of the vehicle "and some presumptive evidence that he was affected by alcohol at the time of the incident," the judge added.

Justice Applegarth said proposed bail conditions proposed were extensive and included a requirement the Israeli submit to random breath tests.

He was confident Mr Itshaky's risk could be reduced to an acceptable level.

"There'll be a tight rein on my client," Mr Itshaky's barrister Jason Todman told Brisbane Supreme Court.

Mr Todman said a suitable bail address had been found. -NewsRegional