Sunshine Coast Airport CEO Peter Pallot.
Sunshine Coast Airport CEO Peter Pallot. Erle Levey

Airport boss steps down from CEO role

TIME flies when you're having fun.

That's how Peter Pallot described the past 12 years of his career in the challenging but rewarding role as Sunshine Coast Airport CEO.

The captain has announced he will step down from the cockpit at the end of the year, ready for the next person to take on the runway expansion project.

A worldwide search for a candidate to fill the CEO role has begun.

"It's the right time," Mr Pallot said.

"The past 12 years of my career have been brilliant; the things we have been able to deliver to the community has set the airport up for future generations of management and we are proud of what we have achieved."

Mr Pallot said when he took over the position, his predecessor Neil Weatherson had "set the airport up" for him.

"I built on his work," Mr Pallot said "I started in 2006 and by 2007 had delivered the master plan for the airport; a vision for the next 20 years.

"We have achieved all of what we set out to within a much shorter period."

Under his direction the airport has been awarded Major Airport of the Year twice, 2017 CAPA Best Small Airport in Asia Pacific, and the 2017 Routes Asia Marketing Excellence Award. Mr Pallot said the new CEO would be involved in the development of the next master plan, currently in its drafting stage.

Also on the to-do list is a new terminal development project, to accommodate for the airport's upcoming $200m expansion.

"We have to start planning for how we will cater to the growth that expansion will inevitably bring.

"The airport is already getting a bit squeezy and the new CEO will need to develop and deliver a vision for that."

Mr Pallot said the person to fill his shoes would need to be a good communicator and a successful manager of resources and people.

"I'm leaving on a high note and that's the way it should be," he said.

"But it's the little 'r' in retirement for me, I have a lot to do and a lot of catching up with my wife and two daughters who I have driven crazy with my ridiculous work hours.

"I want to go travelling, do some sailing, diving and will continue as the control captain of the Mooloolaba Surf Club.

"I will also keep my position on the Sunshine Coast Business Council."

Mr Pallot said he hoped to never work full-time again.

"I will very much be involved in helping the new CEO settle and transition into the role and be there to provide advice when needed.

"I can say that I have enjoyed a fabulous career at the Sunshine Coast Airport and will be there to celebrate its future milestones and achievements."

Mr Pallot said the first load of sand in the construction of the new runway would be laid in the next two weeks.