LOVING LIFE: Bargara's Ern Nankivell still enjoys a hit of golf at the ripe old age of 90.
LOVING LIFE: Bargara's Ern Nankivell still enjoys a hit of golf at the ripe old age of 90. Mike Knott BUN111017GOLF2

Age is no barrier for Ern as he plays the game he loves

GOLF: Bargara's Ern Nankivell is making up for lost time.

The 90-year-old hits the greens at the Bargara Golf Course every week with his trusty buggy and his golf bag in tow.

Nankivell has been playing the game he loves since the early 1960s.

Now, the avid golfer plays twice a week - each Tuesday and Thursday teeing up with a bunch of friends - to get in as many round as he can.

"I enjoy the game,” Nankivell said.

"It's a challenge. The only thing you have got to do is beat yourself.

"You don't have to beat anyone.”

While Nankivell is helping erase misconceptions about age, he is also smashing the adage that you can't teach a old dog new tricks.

Each week he continues to work on improving his game.

"I never play two games the same,” he said.

"On Tuesday when I was playing at Oakwood, I was trying new things to improve my game.”

Whatever Nankivell does, his efforts are clearly working.

The Carlyle Gardens resident has reduced his handicap to 18 and consistently shoots scores lower than his age.

"I do it quite a lot,” he said. "I've done it nine times this year and 22 times last year.”

But while he continues to impress, Nankivell admits it is getting tougher.

"I hit the ball a bit further then (a few years ago) but not now,” he said.

"I get problems with injuries but get over them and ignore them.”

Nankivell has also achieved the goal of many golfers, the illustrious hole in one.

"I got two; one in Yeppoon and one in Bargara,” he said.

"The one in Bargara must have been eight to 10 years ago.”

The ultimate goal for Nankivell will be to compete the perfect round.

"The best one I had was I needed to par the last hole at Yeppoon to par the course,” he said.

"Playing reasonable competitive golf is all I want to do and it suits me to the ground.”