Advertisements may be painted over

ADVERTISING on council infrastructure could soon be a thing of the past as the Bundaberg Regional Council considers painting over advertising on its assets.

At a Briefing Meeting of Council on Friday, general manager of infrastructure and planning services Andrew Fulton said the existing advertising agreements were made under the former Isis Shire Council and had since expired.

"They've just basically been getting free advertising," Mr Fulton said.

The three businesses with advertisements on the council's water tanks are the Woodgate Hotel Motel, Childers Concrete and Haulage and Woodgate Central Shopping Centre.

The council's CEO Peter Byrne said other businesses in the region had contacted the council wanting to advertise on the infrastructure.

Mr Fulton believed that was the main reason the recommendation to remove the advertising was coming before the councillors.

He recommended the expired advertisements be painted over and no new agreements be started.

"The reason for that is firstly, we don't believe the council really has a role as an advertising device," he said.

"Secondly, we feel that the visual amenity is improved without the advertising on those structures."

But the Woodgate Hotel Motel appointed manager Terry Teagle believed the reason behind the move was due to the hotel going into receivership and the appointed insolvency company requesting the council remove the advertisement.

He said the water tank advertisement listed the hotel for sale, which Mr Teagle said it currently was not.

Childers and Woodgate divisional representative Tony Ricciardi questioned whether the three companies with advertisements on the tanks had been contacted.

"And asked them what their intentions are for those advertising devices," Cr Ricciardi said.

"I'm not 100% supportive of the visual amenity, I think they were quite attractive the way they were done in their day, they have faded and they do need to be redone or done away with all together.

"I've got no problem with either, as long as those advertisers are pre-warned."

The final decision will be made at an Ordinary Meeting of Council next week.