Gypsy says the regions are missing out.
Gypsy says the regions are missing out. Mike Knott

Adult content maker's call for a Bundaberg strip club

AN ADULT content creator is calling for a strip club to be opened in Bundaberg and for an end to the stigma around workers in the sex industry.

Gypsy, who hails from Brisbane but now calls Bundaberg home, says the key components for a strip club are all here - an audience willing to pay for entertainment and women who are willing to work.

"There's no place up here, and the nearest is probably two to three hours away," Gypsy said.

The 21-year-old said she'd been working in the adult industry since she was 18 and knew a lot of other women in Bundaberg desperate for stripping or adult waitressing jobs.

"There's a market but there's nothing up here and I want to be able to break down barriers," she said.

"There's so many girls who do OnlyFans up here and they wish there were clubs up here."

The OnlyFans website offers adult models a platform that allows them to sell access to their online content.

The site has grown in popularity with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gypsy says the women in Bundaberg who sell their content online are determined to see a physical venue in the city where they can interact with  their fan bases.

She comes from a performing arts background and says the women in her circle are like a sisterhood and are always there to support each other.

She says some of the online adult content creators hailing from Bundaberg make tens of thousands of dollars every month in the industry.

Gypsey would like to see a strip club in Bundaberg.
Gypsy is hoping to break down stigma around sex work and adult content production. Mike Knott

"The older generation, a lot of them are stuck in their ways," Gypsy says.

She said sooner or later someone would realise there was a market for an adult venue, where bucks parties and backpackers could find entertainment.

But in the meantime, young people who want work in the industry were leaving.

Gypsy terms it a "missed opportunity" for the regions.

"Recently so many of my friends and so many of the community have gone back to Brisbane. There's nothing for them here," she said.

Another reason she would like to see a professional venue open is because of safety.

While the industry can be lucrative and Gypsy says she has encountered many kind and friendly people on her way, there is always the threat of dangerous people and even sex traffickers.

"There's safety in numbers," she said.

"You have to be careful and you have to be smart, a lot of things could happen."

Gypsy says some day when she's older, she hopes to open an adult venue where she can provide support to its workers.

She said one thing very few people realised about sex workers and online adult content producers was that many of them donated generously to charitable causes.

Donations to causes such as the Red Cross, bushfire appeal, RSPCA and the Black Lives Matter movement are part of their mission to make the world a better place.

"You want to feel good," Gypsy said.

"We band together and we make a bunch of money and donate it off.

"The amount of money we have raised is crazy."