George Christensen at a pro-coal event in Mackay.
George Christensen at a pro-coal event in Mackay. Emma Murray

ADANI PROTEST: MP hits back at 'hypocrite' activists

DRIVING in a bus made from steel, most likely guzzling fuel as it makes its way up the coast, protesters will visit the region to fight against a coal mine.

Dawson MP George Christensen has labelled these activists "hypocrites", saying he does not think the trip would be "worth their while".

"The first thing is that there are a lot of components in a car that actually require steel that is made from coal," he said.

"I would sure be interested to know if the bus is electric or if it is a conventional bus which uses fossil fuels."

Mr Christensen suggested the group could learn about life in Central Queensland by listening to locals.

"They could find their way up to Clermont and speak about the economic benefit the mine will bring," he said.

"Or they could speak to people in Townsville, Bowen and Mackay. Maybe they might get an education."

Mr Christensen told the Daily Mercury he did not believe the protests would impact the development of the Galilee Basin.

"This will peter out," he said "It is probably a lot of fan fair because (Adani) has all of its approvals.

"There comes a point that people have to accept the government has made a decision."

On the future of coal, Mr Christensen said he would not rule out a move away from thermal coal but said the market, not protesters from NSW would decide this.

"One day some scientist in a lab somewhere will find the answer to commercialising fusion energy and then all forms of energy will be obsolete," he said.

"But that is not the situation at present.

"Demand (for coal) will only go away when a tech breakthrough means a form of power produced that is as reliable and cheaper."