Activists protest return to uranium mining in Queensland

ABOUT 20 people staged a colourful protest in Brisbane today to mark the first anniversary of the Queensland Government's decision to allow a return to uranium mining in the state.

The protesters gathered outside the Executive Building in the hope of catching State Government ministers as they entered the building for the weekly Cabinet meeting.

Members of anti-uranium group, Keep Queensland Nuclear Free, spent about 10 minutes chanting "No Mandate for Uranium" before dispersing.

Anti-Nuclear campaign co-ordinator Mark Bailey said regional centres like Townsville, Mt Isa, Emerald and St George along with a number of smaller towns will be at risk from nuclear accidents.

"Rather than arrogantly place many Queenslanders at risk the government should at least facilitate an informed debate about the dangers and risks of uranium mining through an independent inquiry," he said.

"It is highly unlikely a majority of Queenslanders would support the resumption of mining when presented with all the facts.

"Uranium mining is a dangerous, risky, small industry with big impacts on the environment, on workers, surrounding regions and potentially along transport routes."