Activists go all out to stop Adani progress

PROTESTERS have vowed to do "whatever necessary" to prevent businesses from working for Adani, launching a targeted campaign in Brisbane with sights set on Townsville.

Activists on Monday "took over" Adani HQ in Brisbane and stayed for 3.5 hours until a dozen of them were arrested.

Galilee Blockade spokesman Ben Pennings said the disruptive action marked the beginning of "Dob in Adani", a campaign for activists to "obtain hidden information about Adani and their contractors".

"Large companies working with Adani risk reputational damage but also costly protests," he said.

"We will use information we are given to regularly blockade the operations of corporations in bed with Adani."

The website asks people to report Adani, contractors working for Adani and even contractors that have a "relationship" or are in discussions with the mining giant.

"Help us sharpen our strategy and let us know what you know," it states.

Mr Pennings said Galilee Blockade and Frontline Action on Coal activists had previously targeted high profile company Wagners for their dealings with Adani. He said activists had previously been arrested in Townsville.

"We want Townsville people against the Carmichael coal mine to provide information about Wagners or any other contractor in bed with Adani," he said.

"We'll then do whatever necessary to convince contractors to dump the destructive Adani project."

Townsville Enterprise chief executive Patricia O'Callaghan said the activists needed to be called out for the "law breakers that they are".

"This is yet another attempt by activists to disrupt the livelihoods of hard working regional Queensland businesses," she said.

"These minority interest groups don't understand the importance of the resources industry to our broader economy.

"Our community has already been through so much; now is the time for support, not radical actions preventing them from having these desperately needed opportunities.

"We should reject stalking, intimation and blackmail outright. These are people who won't respect the rule of the law, they have abused the court system and now that hasn't worked they are out breaking the law themselves."

An Adani spokeswoman said legitimate law-abiding businesses should be able to conduct their day-to-day business free of harassment.

"Their role in creating jobs and livelihoods for their families and economic prosperity for their communities should be celebrated not vilified," she said.

"Some of these businesses are family-owned and operated. All they're asking for is a fair go."

Herbert MP Phillip Thompson said the activist "lefties" should stay in the southeast corner and Melbourne and let North Queensland "get on with the job".