A sneeze was the driver's undoing.
A sneeze was the driver's undoing. Jarrard Potter

Achoo! Sneeze led driver back to court

A TRAFFIC crash triggered by a sneeze brought a disqualified driver undone, an Ipswich court has been told.

David Mealin's grey Ford ended up in a garden, with its airbags deployed and front wheels torn off the axles, following the crash on December 20 last year.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard the other vehicle involved was also extensively damaged in the crash at Queen Victoria Parade in Ipswich.

Mealin, who was disqualified from driving by court order at the time, told police he suffered a violent sneezing fit at the moment of losing control of his car.

David William Mealin, 34, from Fernvale, pleaded guilty to eight charges including driving without due care and attention; driving when disqualified; possession of a knife in public; unlawful possession of suspected stolen property (watch, electrical cable, Sony Play Station, tools, necklace) in Booval on February 21; possession of a Restricted item (nunchuks) on June 19; and possession of property acquired for the purpose of a drug offence.

Police prosecutor Jack Scott said Mealin was also subject of a suspended jail sentence and to parole for prior offending.

"It is his third disqualified driving offence and he has eight unlicensed driving convictions on his history," Mr Scott said.

Police found the nunchuks and a pair of swords during the search of a house at Booval.

Defence lawyer Jason Voight said Mealin suffered drug and mental health problems.

Magistrate Andy Cridland said Mealin would have to return to the District Court as he was also on a suspended sentence imposed by the higher court. He sentenced Mealin to 12 months' jail for driving when disqualified, with the sentence suspended for three years.

He received lesser jail terms with immediate parole, and was fined $1000 for possessing nunchuks.

The existing suspended sentence was extended for 12 months.

Mealin's licence was disqualified for another three years.