CRIME SCENE: Emergency services crews at the scene of a multiple stabbing in Alma St, Rockhampton.
CRIME SCENE: Emergency services crews at the scene of a multiple stabbing in Alma St, Rockhampton. Kerri-Anne Mesner

Accused Rocky murderer: 'I hope the dog dies'

 AMANDA Stewart arrived at work 10 minutes early one fateful day to see George Swadling run out of Oznam House, clutching his stomach and screaming.

Behind him, she could see a bloody floor down a hallway to the court yard where residents and employees would smoke.

At the door to the courtyard, Oznam House colleague John Edwards stood with an injured Aaron Flenady.

"Ring the police and ambulance. There are bloody people here," Mr Edwards said he called to Ms Stewart when she arrived at 6.50am on September 15, 2015.

This is what the Supreme Court of Rockhampton heard from witnesses on the first day of the trial of a man accused of murdering one person and stabbing another at a Rockhampton mens' shelter in 2015.

Sebastiano Garofalo, is accused of murdering Mr Flenady and leaving Mr Swadling with life threatening injuries after an incident outside Oznam House which is attached to the Ozcare Rockhampton main office in Alma St.

He pleaded not guilty to murder and attempted murder.

Three Ozcare employees gave evidence yesterday afternoon about the rules of Oznam House, behaviours of the men involved in the incident and what they witnessed on the day.

Mr Edwards said he first noticed something wrong when he saw, from inside the hostel, all the men in the courtyard with "shocked looks on their faces, moving back from the green area".

"I stepped through the door. I could hear some screams and some whimpering. Aaron was against the outside wall of the dining room. Sebastiano was in front of him," he told the jury.

"(Garofalo) was waving his hand back and forth. (Mr Flenady) was swiping at Sebastiano's hand with his hand."

Mr Edwards yelled out 'what are you doing' and Garofalo stepped back from Mr Flenady, when Mr Flenady took the opportunity to run towards the door where Mr Edwards stood.

As Mr Flenady ran, he stumbled across flower pots, losing balance, and his hand went through glass louvers, breaking glass planes.

Mr Edwards said when Mr Flenady was half way, Garofalo started following him.

As soon as Mr Flenady was inside, Mr Edwards closed the door which automatically locked straight away.

Mr Edwards said at this point, he was aware Garofalo had something in his hand, but didn't realise it was a knife.

It was practice that knives were locked up in a cabinet in the office, with tags on them to identify their owners while the men were inside the facility.

Mr Edwards said Garofalo was then distracted by something on the grass but then turned back towards him and walked towards the door.

"I hope the dog dies," Mr Edwards alleged Garofalo said next.

"That's when I realised there was someone other than Aaron," he told the court.

It was moments after this Ms Stewart arrived.

Mr Edwards alleged Garofalo made a sweeping motion with the knife across his throat towards another hostel client who was standing at the top of the stairs where the mens' beds were. He said Garofalo then ripped off his shirt and, moments later, calmed down.

Mr Edwards said police arrived and Garofalo dropped the knife and laid on the ground.

Ms Stewart gave evidence about watching Mr Swadling, a fishing enthusiast, sharpening and tossing a knife while sitting in the court yard the day before.

Mr Edwards gave evidence he'd seen Mr Swadling in the dining room at another time, sharpening a knife and using it to shave hairs off his arm.

And, he had handed Mr Swadling a knife from a locker the night before the incident to use while he and another resident went fishing.

The court also heard the man Garofalo made the 'slit throat' motion towards, who had gone fishing with Mr Swadling the night before, regularly caused problems at breakfast time for Ozcare staff and clients.

Garofalo's barrister Frank Richards told the court his client had been picked on by other Ozcare clients, had avoided eating breakfast at the hostel and had been intimidated by Mr Swadling.

Mr Edwards said Garofalo told him "This dog c&*t (Mr Swadling) took a knife from the drain and was poking me with it".

Mr Edwards said that's when he saw Garofalo had bloody wounds.

The trial continues today.

2PM: THE trial of a man accused of murdering one man and stabbing another at a Rockhampton mens' shelter in 2015 starts today.

Sebastiano Garofalo is accused of murdering 32-year-old Aaron Flenady and leaving 33-year-old George Swadling with life threatening injuries after an incident outside Ozcare Rockhampton in Alma St on the morning of September 15, 2015.

Garofalo was charged with one count of murder, one of attempted murder and one of grievous bodily harm after stabbing the two men.