Ryan Michael Sharman says he needs bail to get the right mental health treatment and address legal issues.
Ryan Michael Sharman says he needs bail to get the right mental health treatment and address legal issues. Patrick Woods

Accused child-molesting DJ in another bail bid

A RADIO host facing child sex offences says he wants bail so he can stop getting victimised in jail.

Gympie man Ryan Michael Sharman, 21, said he'd been raped in custody after reports of his criminal charges were published.

Justice David Boddice said Mr Sharman faced 98 charges including having sex with a girl aged 13 or 14 and sending her multiple "vindictive" messages and photos.

On Monday, Mr Sharman said he could stay with his mother, adding: "I think she'll be worse than jail, in a respectful way".

He told Brisbane Supreme Court she'd keep an eye on him and he would "use the time wisely".

Mr Sharman also said being in jail meant he was not getting adequate mental health treatment.

"I'm also thinking of my victim and her family," he added. "We just want to get it over and done with."

Mr Sharman said he had Asperger's, ADHD and high anxiety levels.

He said even Centrelink benefits would be good "in comparison" to jail where he had virtually no income.

The entertainer also said bail could help him press charges against an alleged jailhouse attacker.

"I don't want to come back to this place if I can avoid it."

Mr Sharman said he could, if found guilty, face a "significant amount of imprisonment".

He said he wanted to "rehabilitate and not end up back in this place".

Mr Sharman was arrested in April last year, and in August bailed to an address in Torbanlea, Fraser Coast.

In September, Justice Boddice revoked bail, saying Mr Sharman was accused of sending multiple "gloating" texts to the alleged victim.

In December, Justice Debra Mullins refused to grant Mr Sharman bail, saying he hadn't shown insight and his alleged breaches were problematic.

Justice Boddice said claims of Mr Sharman being attacked in jail were concerning.

But Justice Boddice refused bail on Monday, citing the alleged breaches, and saying the alleged victim would be at "significant risk" if Mr Sharman violated bail conditions.

The court heard the case would probably not be mentioned again before November. -NewsRegional